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The standard of care for the Optometric profession is now equal to that of the Ophthalmologist.  The importance of this fact is that during the patient’s eye exam, it is imperative that the doctor be able to view the Retina and related structures, and assess the ocular health status of your eye to the maximum of our ability.  This usually requires dilation of your eyes to view the Retina.  Dilation drops can last from four to twelve hours of duration.

At Dr. Popilsky & Associates, we are able to offer to all of our patients an alternative to dilation.  This alternative is called the Optomap.  This digital imaging system allows the examiner to view ~200 of your Retina without dilating your eyes.  This technology is a fantastic diagnostic tool for recording and documenting the health of your Retina.  This imaging system takes ¼ of a second to take the picture, and the doctor will review and explain the findings at the end of your exam.  The image becomes part of your permanent record and allows the doctor to compare the images from exam to exam.

For more detailed information about the Optomap imaging technology,  please refer to their company website: 














Optomap - The Optomap® Retinal Exam, made possible by the Panoramic200 scanning laser ophthalmoscope, is rapidly becoming the standard of care for eye care professionals throughout the world. Learn more about how this revolutionary Virtual Point™ scanning laser technology is taking eyecare to a higher level.




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